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The pond in Odense recieves runoff from an industrial catchment area of 27.4 ha (impermeable area of 11.4 ha). The facility is located in a green area in the outskirts of the city. The pollutant load from the catchment is considered high due to pollutants originating solely from an industrial area. This facility shall demonstrate the efficiency of the treatment concept for strongly polluted stormwater runoff, and the capacity of the treatment units are designed for high pollutant loads.

Treatment technologies
The facility in Odense implement fixed media filters for removal of small particles and colloidal and soluble bound pollutants. The treatment process is illustrated in the figure below.

The stormwater enters the fixed media filters after an initial polishing in a sand filer. Such an initial filtration step is crucial to avoid clogging of the sorption filter and thereby reducing its hydraulic capacity.

The fixed media filter comprises a large main filter and 3 smaller demonstration filters. The demonstration filters allow the sorption efficiency of different sorbents to be tested and compared. The main sorption filter, the demonstration filters and associated manholes are illustrated in the figures below (Click on the images to see a larger version). The figure to the right is a close-up of the sampling structure. It should be noted that only the manhole covers are visible from the ground.

Layout of the pond
The inlet is located in the west end of the pond and the outlet (filter units) are located in the north-east part. An overflow weir is located at the south-east end (Click on the images below to see a larger version).

The image below illustrate how the pond replicates a semi-natural lake that contributes to an improved urban environment. For bypassers, the pond does not appear as a technical installation.

After the water has passed through the sand and the fixed media filter it contains very limited amounts of suspended and colloidal particles.

The pond has been planted, December 2007. The picture is taken from the north.

The demonstration filters are being filled, December 2007.

Click on the image below to see an animated movie of the location of the pond (5 mb mpg-file). The movie opens in your default mediaplayer.

See images from the construction phase (pdf-file)

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