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In the context of the TREASURE project, three facilities have been constructed for treatment of stormwater runoff from urbanized areas. The facilities are located in the Danish cities of Silkeborg, Århus and Odense. All facilities are wet detention ponds, but the treatment has been extended with additional unit operations for removal of dissolved and colloidal pollutants.

The sites represent different catchment sizes and characteristics, covering residential areas, industrial areas as well as urban highways. The catchments have been selected to cover a wide range of land-use and of stormwater quality, hereby allowing the knowledge obtained in the project to be generally applicable.

The stormwater treatment facilities will be closely monitored until September 2009. For this purpose, each site is equipped with monitoring devises for continuous monitoring of several parameters, including in- and outlet flow, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and temperature. In addition hereto, flow proportional sampling of the stormwater entering and leaving the pond are conducted. The samples are analyzed for numerous water quality parameters, including nutrients, heavy metals and organic micropollutants.

The monitoring results will be applied to quantify the individual effects of the unit operations included in the pond design. Furthermore, the treatment efficiency of each unit operation will be compared with respect to different pollutants

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