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On this page, you will find the latest news on the development of the LIFE-TREASURE project. During the project period, a newsletter has been published twice a year. All newsletters can be downloaded from the front page.

February 2010: The 6th newsletter has been published. It can be downloaded as a pdf file via this link. As the project is completed, this will be the last newsletter.

October 2009: The monitoring campaign has been completed. Within the next months, a background report will be published.

July 2009: The 5th newsletter has been published. It can be downloaded as a pdf file via this link.

2 April 2009: The iron enrichment of the bottom sediments of the pond located in Aarhus has been carried out. Pictures from the event can be seen in the gallery on the left menu.

2 February 2009: The 4th newsletter has been published. It can be downloaded from this link (pdf file opens in a new window).

25 November 2008:
LIFE-TREASURE has now got a facebook group (link).

12 October 2008:
The 3rd newsletter has now been published. It can be downloaded here.

21 September 2008:
The first results of the monitoring programme has been presented at the 11th International Conference on Urban Drainage held in Edinburgh, 31 August - 5 September 2008.

April 2008:
Monitoring of the pond in Aarhus has also been initiated.

February 2008:
Monitoring of the pond in Odense has been initiated.

9 May 2007:
Newsletter no. 1 has been published. The newsletter contains information on the initial stages of the TREASURE project. You can read the newsletter by clicking here (opens a pdf file).

20 March 2007:
It is now possible for registered users to access the Intranet. To access intranet login click here.

29 December 2006: Sign-up for the LIFE-TREASURE newsletter here.

29 December 2006:
The homepage has been updated and several new subpages has been added.

4 October 2006:
The LIFE-TREASUE website is launched. In future months, the website will be further developed as the project gains momentum.

1 October 2006: Official start date of the LIFE-TREASURE project.

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